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Restoration Church was founded with a small group which met at Pastor Lacefield's home. This group believed that they could be disciples to restore faith in God in the city of Granite City.

Soon, our church outgrew pastor Lacefield's home and moved to our former location on Stratford Lane in Granite City. As our Church family grew, we were blessed to acquire and renovate our new building at 3375 Fehling Rd.



Larry Lacefield - Pastor


As a family business owner of a successful music store and the worship leader of his former church, Larry had a radical encounter with the presence of God that forever marked his life and shaped his ministry. No longer could he look at people and see a means to an end, but instead began to see people the way God saw them! He has now given up the family business and has sold out to the God sized vision that is Restoration Church!

As lead Pastor of Restoration Church Larry’s passion is the great commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit.” Matt 28:19. He desires for people to be set on fire with the Love of God and that Restoration Church would be a refuge that doesn’t just talk about the love of God, but manifests it in everything we do!

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