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Founded by Pastor Larry Lacefield, Restoration Church started in his home with a small group that believed that they could restore faith in God in the city of Granite City.

Soon, our church outgrew pastor Lacefield's home and moved to our former location on Stratford Lane in Granite City. As our Church family grew, we were blessed to acquire and renovate our new building at 3375 Fehling Rd.

Restoration Church exists for one reason:

To Help Every Person We Can, Find God’s purpose for their life.

We strive to be a church that loves you the way we are supposed to. A place that loves you so much we are willing to accept you just as you are, but also a place that loves you so much that we refuse to leave you there.

We want to make you better. We want to show you how to connect with God in a meaningful way, and to your friends, family, and community. We want to show you how to contribute to the church, and your community, and we want to be a place where you can come celebrate all of the things God is doing in you and through you.

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